Buffy meme - 1/6 episodes

Once More With Feeling

I was tagged by babyintrenchcoat in the 6 favorite selfie game so here goes: 

1. Me and my best friend Brandon. I love him to bits and this is one of the first photos we ever took together late one night in the library. Right now, he lives in California and I live in Scotland, so I miss him like crazy. 

2. I was being silly at Disney World with my friends and my kermit hat. It was good times. 

3. Torchwood photo op with Gareth David-Lloyd and James Marsters. Oh my god this was fantastic. James cuddled the shit out of me. I was pretty much like “Can I have cuddles?” and he was like “Okay.” 

4. Halloween fun times. I rarely go all out for Halloween and that year I did and it was SO AWESOME. 

5 and 6. Random coffee-shop boredom selfies, but I was having a good week at least in terms of body positivity. 

I am not tagging anyone, but of course, you’re all welcome to do it if you want. <3 


We haven’t done all the things we’re meant to do. 



"I know what my worst habit is- Colin will have some emotional, tough scene and I’ll come and get ‘Aw, hey, Colin, yeah!’ he’s trying to prepare and I get in his face- not on purpose, but just cause like, ‘Ah, play with Colin, hello!"- Bradley James

Just like this


We can deal with your uncle later. All right?